Healthy Snacks for Happy Teeth Fact Sheet

Healthy Snacks

Many parents are uncertain as to which foods are tooth friendly for their children. Here are a few ideas, that are designed to not only fill them up, and hopefully keep them full for a while, but also provide some nutritional value.

  1. Cheese and crackers – Cheese and crackers are great as they are low in sugar and high in calcium. Water crackers or rice crackers with cheddar cheese is always a winner.
  2. Rainbow lunch – children love variety and different colours. Cutting up so capsicum, cucumber, celery, cheese, cherry tomatoes, semi dried tomatoes, olives and carrot gives both colour and variety to your children’s snacks. If you need a little bit of extra flavour, dips like hummus are great. This is an easy, fun and very healthy snack for home and school.
  3. Boiled eggs – who can go past the classic boiled egg for that healthy school yard snack, quick easy and delicious.
  4. Popcorn – popcorn can be either healthy or not. My suggestion is to cook it yourself with a little bit of oil and don’t add too much salt.
  5. Cruskits and vegemite – another Australian classic, just a little bit of margarine or butter and a thin spread of vegemite. If you want to make it a bit more exiting add a bit of cheese.
  6. Cheese and bacon muffins – here is a great recipe for cheese and bacon muffins, simple and delicious
  7. Pumpkin polenta cheese fingers – this is one of my niece’s favourite snacks. I have attached the recipe that my sister uses.
  8. And just for something fun apple slices, peanut butter and sesame seeds made into monster teeth😊

healthy snacks for healthy teeth

For further information or more healthy snacks for happy teeth don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Eumundi Dental on 07 5442 7556.

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