Complex Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Not all wisdom tooth extractions are as straightforward as simply removing the tooth from the socket. Some are more complex. A complex wisdom tooth extraction is an extraction during which the tissue and bone that supports the tooth need to be modified in some way. This could mean cutting the gum tissue in order to expose and remove the tooth or removing bone in order to free the tooth so that it can be extracted.

Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt, usually not coming through until we are in our late teens or early twenties. Most people have one wisdom tooth at the back of each corner of their mouth and are the most common variety of teeth to be removed as there is often little space left for them to erupt.

A complex wisdom tooth extraction is needed where the tooth cannot simply be removed in an upright position. Unfortunately, it’s not always known whether extraction of a wisdom tooth will be straightforward at the time of beginning the procedure. A simple wisdom tooth extraction may end up being complex – for example, if the tooth breaks and part of the root becomes left in the jaw.

Wisdom teeth are often removed as the lack of space can cause them to become impacted, infected and therefore problematic. Since we don’t need our wisdom teeth, many dentists recommend that people who experience problems with them should have them removed. However, since they are very large and the last to come through, wisdom teeth are highly likely to be considered a complex dental extraction.

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