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 Dentistry for Toddlers & Children

What do you think? Americans believe the earlier the better and that if you take your baby with you when you go to the dentist then it will become something they accept as normal and do not become anxious about later. After all, dental anxiety affects one in seven people. And baby teeth are now believed to be very important to lifelong oral health. You can start caring for your baby’s gums well before their teeth appear by wiping them gently with a face flannel or gauze. As soon as teeth start to appear, brush them regularly with a soft brush and water, but not any toothpaste yet. Here are some tips from the best paediatric dentists in Sunshine Coast:

Six monthly visits are the norm, for children as well as for adults

Brush your child’s teeth twice a day, first thing in the morning and just before they go to bed, concentrating on the molars, where decay often starts. Children should not use fluoridated toothpaste until they are about three years old, and even then only a tiny amount in case they swallow it. If, after they are 18 months old, you want to use a smear of low-fluoride toothpaste on their brush, get them to spit it out after brushing, but not rinse. By the time a child is six and able to tie their own shoelaces they should have learned to brush their teeth properly — although some supervision doesn’t hurt.

Paediatric dentists generally look after patients from birth to about 18 years of age. They specialise in young, constantly changing teeth.

If baby teeth decay and have to be filled, the same white composite or metal is used as for adult teeth. You may be able to spot a cavity if one tooth is darker than the others or if they have trouble chewing. Swollen gums and sensitivity to high and low temperatures are also signs. And if your child is struggling at school that may well be due either to eye or dental problems.

Have You Heard About the New Medicare Scheme For Children?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) entitles your child to $1,000 worth of general dental treatment over two calendar years. When you visit Eumundi Dental we will explain it to you if you are unfamiliar with how it works. It will be available to children between two and 17 years to reduce the chances of their growing up with limited knowledge of dental hygiene practices. Make an appointment with Eumundi Dental today.

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